• The minimum deposit is $500 and there is no cap on the amount for FTD placement.
  • One Year 0.9% per annum (effective 1st Feb 2021)
  • Two Years 1% per annum (effetcive 1st Feb 2021)


  • Additional interest rate of 0.10% per annum for aged 55 & Above.

* Promotion period 01st Sep 2020 to 31st Jan 2021

Fixed Term Deposit Application Form – PDF Download

SSBEC Membership Recruitment Campaign (Promotion extended by popular demand till 31st Mar 2021)

Terms & conditions applies

  • Recruiter must recruit new members to SSBEC
  • New members must be Singaporean or PR
  • Must be Age 16 years old & above
  • All application forms must be duly completed with the relevant documents attached
  • Recruiter must be a member of SSBEC
  • Recruiter must write their Name & NRIC in the membership application form

The more you recruit, the more you get!
Recruit your immediate family members, working colleagues and friends to be a member of SSBEC Co-op today!