Membership Perks

Be a member of SSBEC Co-op to enjoy our enticing membership benefits extended to you.

  • Earn Dividend per annum on Subscription Capital account
  • Earn attractive interest rate of 2.88% per annum on Savings Account ( effective 1st Dec 2022 ).
  • Attractive interest rates of up to 4.1% p.a. offered for Fixed Term Deposits ( effective 05 Jan 2023 ).
  • Loans offered at an attractive interest rates
  • Membership extended to immediate family members
  • Access to i-Banking facilities and Mobile App
  • Enhanced Membership Perks
    • Hospitalisation claim
    • Death claim up to $600 based on length of membership*
    • Birthday Gift
    • Get Well Soon Fruit Basket*
    • Gift of Love Hamper for a member new born baby*
    • Death Wreath for demise of a member*
  • Bursary Awards for members’ children

*Terms & conditions apply

Membership Perks – PDF Download