Renovation Loan

Making your home into a dream home has never been easier with our Renovation Loan. Let us make your dream into reality and relief you from your financial stress and make it possible.

Loan Quantum

  • Up to $30,000

Rates of Interest

6.00% flat rate per annum

Repayment Term

Up to 5 years

Processing Fees

3% flat on loan applied

Requirement documents

  • Latest payslip
  • NRIC
  • Official Quotation from Renovation Contractor
  • Latest CPF Contribution history
  • Marriage Certificate (for joint application)

General requirements for loans

  • SSBEC Co-op considers the combined income of a married couple in any joint loan application
  • The applicant(s) and surety(ies) are required to provide proof of income in the form of a salary slip or if needed, a letter of employment or a tax return
  • Loan applicants must be gainfully employed and have sufficient disposable income to comfortably meet the loan repayments
  • Sureties/guarantors are required for most unsecured loans (loans without collateral)
  • The number of sureties/guarantors required is within the discretion of SSBEC T&L Society Ltd
  • All loans granted are within the discretion of SSBEC T&L Society Ltd

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